The gas supply subsystem is designed to determine the value of gas flow turbulence factor (beta-factor) for proppant. The unit includes a module of regulated gas supply, module for gas conditioning, hydraulic system for gas supply in the cell, measuring unit and data acquisition unit.




Technical specifications 


Module of regulated gas supply 
Operating environment  Nitrogen
Gas discharge up to 200 slpm
Discharge-measuring unit 2 pcs
Pressure up to 6 MPa
Control of gas supply manual controller
Module of gas conditioning
Gas conditioning lines 2 pcs  saturated gas supply, dry gas supply 
Saturated gas supply Temperature-controlled vessel with water for gas passage
Dry gas supply Vessel with ceramic particles
Temperature 95°C
Pressure up to 6 MPa
Hydraulic system of gas supply 
Gas pressure-regulating valve 1 pcs manual operation
Pressure up to 6 MPa
Control of gas supply manually operated valves 


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