The system is designed to study proppant flowback from the cell being under hydraulic press, which hydraulic press generates. The unit enables one to perform analysis with water-oil emulsion with any ratio of oil/water. To collect proppant washed out from the cell, one uses a module enabling sequential sampling. Control and data acquisition are carried out with the aid of computer.


Система для изучения прочности проппантовой упаковки «ПИК-ПН»



The system allows to perform experiments of two types:

  • determination of proppant pack durability, while increasing the flow speed to the critical value at which the pack gets destroyed  

  • measurement of proppant outlet from the cell under high pressure, as a time function  

Система для изучения прочности проппантовой упаковки «ПИК-ПН»


Operation sequence


A cell simulating fracture is placed in the hydraulic press. Fluids are pumped through the proppant pack at reservoir conditions. Pressure drop, rate and gap width are measured at a fixed pack pressure and temperature. 


Technical specifications 


Size 5.25”х5.25”
Gap thickness to 1”
Rock pressure to 1000 atm
Temperature to 150°C
Hydraulic press
Pressure 180 tons
Operating area 200х200x230 mm
Dimensions 700х700х1500 mm
Mass 3000 kg
Fluid pumping system
Output 0.1-100 l/min
Pressure to 50 atm
Output accuracy 1%
Pressure accuracy 1%
Temperature to 120°C


Система для изучения прочности проппантовой упаковки «ПИК-ПН»


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