The PIK-API RP 61 unit for the measurement of proppant-pack conductivity, hereafter the Unit, is designed to determine long-term conductivity of proppant placed between the slabs of a standard laboratory core (Ohio and Berea) or a core extracted from reservoir. Analysis is carried out at rock pressure up to 1000 atm (20 000 psi) and temperature up to 150°С. 

Установка для измерения проводимости проппантовой упаковки «ПИК-API RP 61»


Throughout the analysis, the following parameters are defined:

  • short-duration conductivity between the core slabs by API RP 61 standard 
  • long-term conductivity between the core slabs (ISO 13503-5)


Operation sequence


A cell simulating fracture is placed in the hydraulic press. Fluids are pumped through the proppant pack at reservoir conditions. Pressure drop, rate and gap width are measured at a fixed pack pressure and temperature. 



 Technical specifications 

 Cell with the system of measuring rods  

ISO 13503-5
Material Stainless steel
Measurement of pack thickness
Mitutoyo ID-U1025E sensor
Accuracy of pack thickness measurement 
25 micron
Device for proppant alignment 
As a set

 Saturator for liquid saturation with silicon dioxide 

Maximum operating pressure
10 MPa
Maximum operating temperature
+ 150 °С
300 ml

 Hydraulic press 

Type Four supports
Minimum support diameter
6.35 cm
Axial compression
100 tons
Control automatic
Accuracy of pressure maintenance 
Operating fluid Hydraulic oil

 Pump for fluid pumping 

Type double-plunger
Maximum pressure
10 MPa
Minimum output
0,001 ml/min
Maximum output
100 ml/min
Cylinder volume
100 ml
Accuracy of pressure maintenance 
0.5% of the upper range limit
Accuracy of output maintenance 
Operating fluid
Saline solution/oil
Operating modes
- steady output maintenance 
- steady pressure maintenance 
- programmable cycles with a smooth variation of the present parameter (pressure change/ change of the output for the present value per specific time)

 Heating system

Preliminary heating of liquid Yes
Cell heating Yes
Maximum temperature
Accuracy of temperature maintenance 
Temperature measurement
Cell, saturator and delivery pipes 

 Differential pressure transmitters

Measurement range
from 0 kPa to 7 kPa (0 psi to 1,0 psi).
±0.045 %

 Absolute pressure transmitters

Upper range limit of measurement
10 MPa
±0.5 %

 Back pressure regulating valve

Lower limit
2,07 kPa
Upper limit
10 MPa

Processing system of the operating fluid 

Number of vessels One
Vessel volume (not less than)
15 litres
Maximum pressure
0.5 MPa
Availability of oxygen removal system 
Availability of vacuum-pumping system yes


System of a computer-assisted control and data acquisition 

Element of the system Data acquisition Control
Pump for fluid pumping
System of automatic pressure maintenance in the press 
Heating system
Absolute pressure transmitters
Differential pressure transmitters
Measurement of pack thickness 


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