The RKT-225 CT is designed to analyze the internal structure of a rock sample without the use of mechanical stimulations. The outcome of the complex operation is a three-dimensional distribution of core density in the volume. The complex is capable of operating with a core of various diameters, including a full-diameter core; contact free, i.e. without extracting it from a plastic container.

Рентгеновский компьютерный томограф керна «РКТ-225»




One of the most relevant uses of tomographic research is quality control of core samples with the aim of singling out homogeneous or distinctive areas before performing special analysis. The research outcome can be used to obtain a core density diagram and core density reference to well-logging data. 




Data on three-dimensional distribution of core density allows to analyze various geometrical and density inhomogeneity in a core:   
  • interlayer thickness 
  • interlayer density
  • inclination angles of interlayers 
  • mineral spots
  • fracture distribution while inclining 
  • specific area of fractures 
  • volume of cavities/spots 
Рентгеновский компьютерный томограф керна «РКТ-225»


 Operation sequence


Core is placed in a case; while it is rotating, the X-ray unit fixed on a free end and X-ray detector are shifting along the core. The X-ray detector takes off data regarding core X-ray projection all angle-wise. As soon as it has been done, the projections are processed to obtain three-dimensional density distribution. Software handles the process of data recording and acquisition. 


Рентгеновский компьютерный томограф керна «РКТ-225»




Due to the safety cabinet, the CF is safe to be used by personnel and does not require a designated room for operation.

 The RKT-225 core tomographic system is supplied with a set of collating patterns (phantoms) to control the quality of tomography (collating pattern with typical dimensions of the elements 150 micron).

The tomographic system software is compatible with AvizoТМ software programs.


Technical specifications 


X-ray unit up to 225 kV
Maximum capacity at anode 1800 W
Focal spot size EN12543
- with the power of 900 W            0.4х0.4 mm
- with the power of 1800 W 1.0х1.0 mm
Sensor resolution 100 micron
Digit capacity of a sensor  12 bit
Sensor dimension 1280х1280
Core diameter up to 100 mm
Core height up to 1000 mm
Space resolution up to 150 мкмм


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