The PIK-GEOVIS-700 capillary viscometer makes it possible to measure viscosity of single phase fluid or liquefied gas samples in temperature and pressure conditions, in accordance with GOST 7163-84, by solving the Hagen-Poiseuille equation based on the pressure drop while fluid or gas goes through the capillary vessel and having familiar data. The unit is supplied with a set of three capillary tubes measuring viscosity ranged from 0,1 MPaˑs to 10000 MPaˑs.

Sample supply is carried out with a syringe pump ensuring the required pressure and flow stability through a capillary system together with the measuring of pressure drop along the capillary. Herewith the phase under study is constantly inside the temperature-controlled volume, which improves measurement accuracy and secures the reliability of received data.

Accuracy of the received results is also guaranteed by the calibration function in the PIK-GEOVIS-700 capillary viscometer.   


Features of the unit
  • The unit is supplied with a set of capillary tubes measuring viscosity ranged from 0,1 to 3000 MPa·s (up to 10000 MPa·s optionally);
  • The unit is supplied with a vacuum-pumping system 
  • Providing with an ability to switch samples under pressure 


Капиллярный вискозиметр «ПИК-ГЕОВИС-700»


Technical specifications


Hydraulic system
Operating pressure up to 80 MPa
Accuracy of pressure measurement   ±0,25 % Upper range limit (optional ±0,1 %)
Accuracy of pressure control ±0,5 % Upper range limit (optional ±0,2 %)
Operating temperature up to 150 °C
Accuracy of temperature control   ±1,5 °C
Minimum measured viscosity  0,1 MPa·s
Maximum measured viscosity 10000 MPa·s
Minimum flow 0,001 ml/min
Maximum flow 25 ml/min
Allowed supply volume 10 nanolitres
Cylinder volume 100 ml
Mass 250 kg
Width х Height х Depth 1000 х 2000 х 1000 mm
Operative conditions
Ambient air temperature from 10 to 30 °C
Relative humidity not over 80 %
Absence of acid fumes and alkalis in the air 


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