The PIK-IGK-PL unit is intended for the determination of residual water saturation of pore volume within rock samples by desaturation method; with the use of a semipermeable membrane in accordance with OST 39-204-86 requirements at temperature and pressure conditions. The method is based on draining mobile fluid off a rock sample through a semipermeable membrane as a result of excessive pressure generation in a core sample. The rock sample is affected by pressure of a specified value until the sample water saturation becomes steady. As soon as the process is finished, the volume of the displaced fluid is captured, and then the cycle repeats at a higher pressure level.

The unit enables one to perform rock pressure analysis up to 69 MPa and pore pressure up to 40 MPa in all the range of rock permeability and the range of changing coefficient of pore volume saturation from 100 % to the residual irreducible value.



Technical specifications


Dimensions of cylindrical core samples  diameter of 30 mm, length up to 250mm
Confining sample pressure, MPa up to 69
Operating temperature up to 150°С
Measuring diagram of electrical resistance  two-wire
Cup High-temperature acidproof (Viton)
Core holder material Stainless steel


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