Групповой гравиметрический капилляриметр «ПИК-ГГК»

The PIK-GGK unit is designed to determine residual water saturation of pore volume within rock samples by desaturation method; with the use of a semipermeable membrane in accordance with OST 39-204-86 requirements. The method is based on draining mobile fluid off a rock sample through a semipermeable membrane as a result of excessive pressure in the desaturation chamber of a capillary unit. The rock sample is affected by pressure of a specified value until the sample water saturation becomes steady. As soon as the process is finished, the changes in the sample weight are captured and then the cycle repeats at a higher pressure level. This procedure designs initial water displacement from sedimentary rock with oil or gas and allows to directly determine the dependence of sample water saturation on capillary pressure.  


The unit enables one to perform pressure analysis from 0,0007 to 1,38 MPa in all the range of rock permeability and the range of changing coefficient of pore volume saturation from 100 % to the residual irreducible value.  

Unit features
  • Desaturation chamber is made of stainless steel or composite materials easing the chamber structure and ensuring its resistance to aggressive environments and its durability  
  • Up to 24 desaturation chambers can be connected with the capillary system control panel through 6 pressure control lines. 
Групповой гравиметрический капилляриметр «ПИК-ГГК»


Technical specifications 


Diameter of a sample under study 30 mm; 38,1 mm; 100 mm; 110 mm
Inside diameter of a chamber 315 mm
Sample length

up to 150 mm

Operating temperature 5 - 30 °C
Pressurized air input line   - pressurized air 1,38 MPa
- pressurized nitrogen 1,73 MPa
Maximum desaturation pressure 1,38 MPa
Minimum desaturation pressure  0,0007 MPa
Control panel mass 40 kg
Control panel dimensions (L х W х H) 600 х 600 х 1200 mm
Desaturation chamber mass 20 kg
Dimensions of desaturation chamber  diameter of 370 mm, height of 360 mm
Power supply parameters ~220 V, 50±1 Hz
Total maximum power consumption  not over 0,2 kW


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