The PIK-UZ-UES-PL complex is designed to determine electrical and elastic core properties in simulated reservoir condition. It allows for the determination of longitudinal and transverse ultrasound waves velocity, displaceable fluid volume, and electrical resistance of samples by the four-terminal measurement system.

Ultrasound system of the speed measurement for longitudinal (P) and transverse (S) waves in rock samples makes it possible to determine mechanical properties of the sample, such as Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio.

Key features of the system:
  • Rapid sample displacement in core holders without oil drain 
  • Index timing of the initial wave onset
  • Automatic calculation of sample elastic constants 
  • Automatic control of the experiment development 

Прибор для определения механических свойств керна «ПИК-УЗ-ПЛ»


Technical specifications


Core holder
Sample diameter 30 mm (other diameters are upon the request)
Length of a sample column up to 200 mm
Confining pressure up to 100 MPa
Pore pressure up to 40 MPa
Maximum temperature 150 °C
Temperature control range 20-150 °C

Basic errors in temperature measurement, not over


Measuring diagram of electrical resistance 

two- or four-wire 
Range of electrical resistance measurements 0,01-1000000 Ohm*m
Ultrasonic waves measurement in the range of frequencies  20-2000000 Hz
Technical specifications of ultrasound wave measuring system  
Operating frequency 1 MHz
Measuring range of ultrasound waves velocity of transmission  from 500 to 9000 m/s
Source of ultrasonic oscillations
  • independent generation of longitudinal and transverse waves
  • smooth adjustment of signal power 
  • computer-assisted control and additional manual control
Preamplifier of ultrasonic oscillations 
  • two independent channels
  • amplification + 40 dB
  • digital control interface
  • port protection
Oscillation recording unit
  • band pass 100 MHz
  • 2 independent registering channels
  • digital signal flow in the computer 
Measurement data storage and processing 
  • Index timing of the initial wave onset
  • Ability to save received signals in a digital form
  • Automatic calculation of sample elastic constants 


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