The PIK-UZ facility is a benchtop device performing the measurement of longitudinal and transverse acoustic waves velocity in rock samples in atmospheric conditions. The complex makes it possible to determine the velocity of P- and S- acoustic waves through a saturated rock sample and draw an inference as to mechanical properties of the sample, such as Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio.



Key features of the system:
  • Rapid sample displacement
  • Index timing of the initial wave onset
 Прибор для определения механических свойств керна «ПИК-УЗ»


Technical specifications


Core holder
Sample diameter 30 mm (other diameters are upon the request)
Length of a sample column up to 200 mm
Maximum axial pressure up to 200 kN
Ultrasonic waves measurement in the range of frequencies  20-2000000 Hz
Technical specifications of ultrasound wave measurements 
Operating frequency 1 MHz
Measuring range of ultrasound waves velocity of transmission  from 500 to 9000 m/s
Source of ultrasonic oscillations
  • independent generation of longitudinal and transverse waves
  • smooth adjustment of signal power 
  • computer-assisted control and additional manual control
Preamplifier of ultrasonic oscillations 
  • two independent channels
  • amplification up to + 40 dB
  • digital control interface 
  • port protection 
Oscillation recording unit
  • band pass 100 MHz
  • 2 independent registering channels
  • digital signal flow in the computer 


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