Автоматизированный прибор для измерения электрического сопротивления образцов керна «ПИК-УЭС»

The PIK-UES complex is intended to measure electrical resistance of rock samples saturated with saline solutions or reservoir fluids in atmospheric conditions.

It complies with the GOST 25.494–82. requirements «Rocks. Measuring methods of specific electrical resistance of rock samples».

The complex contains benchtop devices which make it possible to determine various electrical properties of a core sample, such as a formation factor, resistivity index, saturation exponent "n" and cementation factor "m".


  • the complex includes equipment for the determination of rock sample resistance and a designated cell for the measurement of solution electrical resistance 
  • transparent plastic cover box prevents sample drying out during a measurement 
  • pneumatic clamp is used in this device for precise and repeated  resistance measurements 
  • includes a digital temperature measurement display 
  • silver membranes ensure good electrical contact between a core sample and an electrode for accurate measurements  
  • computer data acquisition system for automatic collection of measuring data 



Measurement method two- and four-electrode 
Current frequency 50 ÷ 10000 Hz
Determination errors of specific electrical resistance  0,5 %
Sample diameter from 20 to 103 mm
Sample length from 10 to 85 mm


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