The complex enables a consecutive injection of fluids into core holders in order to restore the wettability of samples in temperature and pressure conditions with wettability control in relation to changes of electrical resistance of rock samples by two-electrode scheme and liquid permeability (oil).

Each of the eight core holders, being a part of the complex:  

  • provides the study of rock samples with a diameter of 30mm or 1.5 inches (there are detachable frontal caps with a diameter of 30 mm or 1.5 inches);
  • secures the analysis of composite models of whole samples with the total length from 3 to 32 cm; 
  • allows to measure core electrical resistance by a two-electrode scheme;
  • equipped with hand-controlled shutoff valves (Butech);
  • provides an ability to simulate reservoir conditions (temperature from over 20 degrees above zero to 150 0С above zero, hydraulic system pressure up to 68 MPa, formation pressure up to 34 MPa)




 Technical specification 


Dimensions of core cylindrical samples  diameter – 30 mm, 1,5'', 30-320mm long
Confining pressure of a sample, MPa up to 69
Pore pressure, MPa up to 40
Operating temperature up to 150°С
Measurement design of electrical resistance two-electrode
Material of a core holder Stainless steel


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