The PIK-SK saturator enables the saturation of core samples with saline solutions, oil and other reservoir fluids by consecutive processes of evacuating and saturation. The system may contain up to eight chambers for whole core samples placed either horizontally or vertically, a vacuum pump, a vacuum vessel for liquid saturation and all the valves and pipeline fittings ensuring control. Upon the request, the system might be equipped with automated control system.  Wherein loading of a core material and selection of saturation algorithm is done manually.

Upon the request, the saturator may be equipped with the functions essential for core saturation by capillary imbibition method. 



System features
  • Pneumatic pump operating through the air control valve to develop pressure inside the cell and saturate core samples under the pressure of up to 150 bar  
  • Automated pneumatic system for pressure control
  • Pressure chamber designed for core plug samples has a large inside diameter for whole core samples using 
  • A dead volume set of plugs to minimize the amount of necessary saturating liquid
  • Capillary imbibition of core samples (optional)



Technical specification (2 chambers)


Diameter of a sample under study 30 mm; 38,1 mm; 100 mm; 110 mm
Chamber inside diameter  123 mm
Length of a sample under study up to 640 mm
Operating temperature 5 - 30 °C
Pressurized air line 6 - 8 bar
Core pressure up to 150 bar
Capacity of one chamber 8 litres
Total sample volume for saturation in one chamber  up to 7 litres
- up to 96 samples of ∅30 mm, 80 mm long 
- up to 8 samples ∅110 mm, 80 mm long
Mass 350 kg
Power supply parameters ~220 V, 50±1 Hz
Total maximum power capacity  not over 1 kW


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