Автоматизированная система очищения керна от пластовых флюидов «ПИК–СОК/СО₂/ТОЛУОЛ»

The PIK-SOK/CO2/TOLUOL system is designed for the rapid core samples cleaning off reservoir fluids, drilling fluids and water.   

The cleaning is carried out in the following way: being inside the chamber with excessive pressure, core samples get soaked with CO2 saturated toluene. Then the pressure inside the chamber decreases to the atmospheric one, which results in CO2 degassing and, consequently, in displacement of the sample saturating fluids. Complete core cleaning is ensured by these multiple consecutively repeated operations.



The core cleaning chamber is a vessel which is being heated. The chamber can be filled either with one full-diameter sample, or with multiple samples of smaller dimensions. However, there is no restriction to the minimum and maximum loading capacity. 

The system is supplied with a built-in recuperating module, which guarantees a complete operating cycle. 

To ensure the ease use and safety in operation, control unit system and a personal computer may be placed in a separate room.


Features of the system
  • Core sample dimensions : up to 110 mm in diameter, up to 660 mm long
  • 8 chambers for core placement (4 and 2 are optional)
  • Controlled chamber heating up to 100°С with a long-lasting temperature maintenance.
  • Visual control of сброса толуола.
  • Loading core into chambers by means of a particular container
  • Automated system control



Technical specifications 


Chambers for core placement
Diameter up to 110 mm
Length of core samples up to 660 mm
Temperature up to 100 °С
Basic errors in temperature measurement, not over 1,5 °С
Air hydraulic pump
Pneumatic pressure from 1 to 10 bar
Designed outlet pressure with pneumatic pressure equal to 10 bar 280 bar
Toluene recycling system
Average recuperation speed 40 l/h
Operating conditions
Ambient air temperature from 15 to 25 °С
Relative humidity in air not over 50 %
Additional special conditions absence of acid fumes and alkalis in the air 


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