Three-phase Saturation X-ray Scanner (liquid/liquid/gas) allows to determine the saturation in each point of the core (with two-dimensional distribution of saturation) supervising the process of fluid filtration and recording the current value of saturation.

X-ray Transparent Core Holder of composite material allows to receive a radiography of a core sample under reservoir conditions. 


Рентгеновский сканер трехфазной насыщенности «ПИК-АЭИ-С»


Operation Procedure


The X-ray unit and detector of X-ray radiation are placed on the movable platform. Going through the core holder with a core sample, the X-ray radiation decays and forms an image on the detector.  

To measure fluid saturation of a core, radiopaque substance, e.g. KI, is added into water or salt solution.

Scanning principles involve the following stages: 

  • A dry sample is being scanned;
  • The sample is being saturated with water and scanned once again; 
  • The sample is being saturated with oil and scanned for the third time. If the percent of residual water is known, scanning with residual water is possible to be done;
  • After calibration, a number of test surveys are being done.


Рентгеновский сканер трехфазной насыщенности «ПИК-АЭИ-С»





Due to the protective housing, the personnel safety is ensured, and a designated room for this work is not needed. 





Rock pressure up to 1000 atm.
Pore pressure 350 atm.
Temperature 120°C
Core diameter up to 100 mm
Sample length up to 1000 mm
X-ray source 160kV, 2mA
Scanning area 100х1000 mm
Resolution up to 0.1 mm
Scanning rate 0.1-100 mm/min


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