The API-61 Cell is designed to analyze the conductivity of proppant. To perform measurement, proppant is placed between the two planes of the cell. The cell modeling a fracture is set in a hydraulic press. Liquid is pumped through the proppant pack. Drop in pressure, rate and fracture width are measured with the fixed temperature and pack compression. 

Fixtures for sensors are placed on each side of the cell to measure fracture width. There are channels for pressure differential indicator outlet ports to measure pressure within the cell. The cell is completed with heaters and thermocouple units; the cell temperature is measured in several points next to the proppant. The maximum heating temperature is 235°С.

The scope of delivery includes accessories for dismantling, sample preparation, O-ring and a proppant levelling device. 

Ячейки для изучения проводимости проппанта


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