X-ray Transparent Core Holders are employed in X-ray scanning and tomographic scanners to monitor core saturation. There are various designs providing double-axis and three-axis compression of core.

The core holder design is a Hussler tube with pressure inlets along the core. The outer shell is a duralumin tube wrapped with carbon fiber and fiberglass. Four metal pins can be additionally used to compensate for the axial pressure.  

Рентгенопрозрачные кернодержатели
Рентгенопрозрачные кернодержатели





Standard core diameters 30, 67, 100 mm
Length up to 1000 mm
Rock pressure up to 1000 atm.
Reservoir pressure up to 600 atm.
Temperature up to 120°С
Material in contact with fluids Stainless steel


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