Core holders of the type are installed into the systems to study the filtration of formation fluids. The range of core holders allows to install cores with the diameter up to 100 millimeters and up to 1 meter long.


Кернодержатель для исследования электрических свойств керна


Design features


The core holder design guarantees a three-axis core compression by rock pressure. Two ports of pressure tap in the middle part of a sample provide means for the precise differential pressure measurement with the exception of border effects. A four-spot scheme with ring measuring electrodes in the middle part is used to measure resistance.




These core holders are applied in petrophysical research; for instance, they can determine:

  • Phase permeability;
  • Porosity;
  • Electrical properties.






Standard core diameters 30, 67, 100 mm
Length up to 1000 mm
Rock pressure up to 1000 atm
Reservoir pressure up to 600 atm
Temperature up to 150°С
Material in contact with fluids  Stainless steel


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