The LN1-500-1050 Large Volume Laboratory Plunger Pump consists of a large volume plunger. It is used to generate a continuous liquid flow without pressure fluctuations in the event the required delivery volume is limited and fluctuations in the flow rate or pressure caused by the feed change from one cylinder to another are inadmissible.

Лабораторный плунжерный насос большого объема ЛН1-500-1050



The pump is a touch screen-controlled unit. The touch screen is placed on a front panel. In addition to that, the pump is compatible with a PC to manage the operation modes and transferring the pressure and flow rate data.

Лабораторный плунжерный насос большого объема ЛН1-500-1050




The pump can be used for gas supply ensuring its pre-compression. The pump allows for pumping fluids in a constant flow rate or constant pressure mode. The reversed mode switches automatically on whenever the pressure increases, enabling pumping fluids off the system.

The pump can be used to study phase transitions in PVT processes. 

Over the course of liquid supply, the pumped volume is being precisely measured. Consequently, the pump can be used for accurate liquid dosing. Wetted parts of the pump are made of corrosion proof materials in order to deal with aggressive solutions. 


Pump primary modes of operation:

  • constant flow rate regulation;
  • constant pressure regulation;
  • regulation of the predetermined pressure difference by an external differential pressure gauge;
  • maintenance of the specified pressure drop by the outward pressure differentiator  
  • programmed cycles with a smooth variation of the given value (pressure/ flow rate deviation by a given value within particular time).





Pressure accuracy 0.5% (0.1% on demand)
Maximum pressure 500 atm
Maximum flow rate 200 ml/min
Cylinder volume 1050 ml


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