The LN-Series Laboratory Plunger Pumps are intended for the generation of a continuous liquid flow without pressure fluctuations. The pump has two independent plungers equipped with automatic check valves to ensure smooth shifting from one cylinder to another.

The pump allows a constant flow pumping as well as constant pressure pumping. The reverse mode is automatically switched on to pump out the liquid out of the system whenever the pressure increases.

The pumped volume is being precisely measured during the course of liquid supply, which enables to employ the pump for the liquid dosage. Wetted parts of the pump are made of corrosion proof materials to deal with aggressive solutions. 


Лабораторные плунжерные насосы серии ЛН


The pump is a touch screen-controlled unit. The touch screen is placed on a front panel. In addition to that, the pump is compatible with a PC to manage the operation modes and transferring the pressure and flow rate data. 


Pumps primary modes of operation:

  • constant flow rate regulation
  • constant pressure regulation
  • regulation of the predetermined pressure difference by an external differential pressure gauge 
  • programmed cycles with a smooth variation of the given value (pressure/ flow rate deviation by a given value within particular time). 


Лабораторные плунжерные насосы серии ЛН


Laboratory plunger pumps are used in petroleum and chemical industry, e.g.:

  • Pumping fluids through core samples;
  • Back pressure ensuring;
  • Pumping solutions through proppant packs; 
  • Rock pressure maintenance in core holders;
  • Dosing reagents.


Лабораторные плунжерные насосы серии ЛН




Pump Series Max. atmospheric pressure Max. flow rate, ml/min Cylinder volume, ml
LN - 50 50 250 200
LN - 100 100 100 100
LN - 400 400 30 25
LN - 700 700 20 14
LN - 1000 1000 15 10


Pressure accuracy 0.5% (0.1% on demand)
Flow rate accuracy 0.5% (0.1% on demand)


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Apart from the pumps with the technical specifications listed in the table, their various versions with the requested volumes and pressure parameters can be supplied on a custom-built basis. 

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