LN-Series Laboratory Plunger Pumps


The LN-Series Laboratory Plunger Pumps are intended for the generation of a continuous liquid flow without pressure fluctuations. The pump has two independent plungers equipped with automatic check valves to ensure smooth shifting from one cylinder to another. 





LN1-500-1050 Large Volume Laboratory Plunger Pump 

The LN1-500-1050 Large Volume Laboratory Plunger Pump consists of a large volume plunger. It is used to generate a continuous liquid flow without pressure fluctuations in the event the required delivery volume is limited and fluctuations in the flow rate or pressure are inadmissible...




Piston Container for Liquid and Gas Samples

The containers are designed and suitable for the shipment and storage of liquid and gas samples. Using the containers in terms of laboratory research enables decrease in number of high-precision pumps.



Core holder for Core Electrical Properties Analysis    

Core holders of the type are installed into the systems to study the filtration of formation fluids. The range of core holders allows to install cores with the diameter up to 100 millimeters and up to 1 meter long.


Рентгенопрозрачный кернодержатель  

 X-ray Transparent Core Holders 

X-ray Transparent Core Holders are employed in X-ray scanning and tomographic scanners to monitor core saturation. There are various designs providing double-axis and three-axis compression of core.



 Cells for proppant conductivity analysis

The API-61 Cell is designed to analyze the conductivity of proppant. To perform measurement, proppant is placed between the two planes of the cell. The cell modeling a fracture is set in a hydraulic press...



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